The Isil solution provides tools dedicated to the management of an optic shop.
It provides amongst others the following features:

Sales management

  • Receipts and invoices printing
  • Laboratory worksheet printing
  • INAMI reimbursment form printing
  • Access to your sales history
  • Products can be identified through bar codes
  • Cash flow report
  • Statistical analysis (sales across a period of time, by product, by supplier, ...)

Laboratories and products management

  • Stock inventory printing
  • Printing of labels describing your products, optionally with bar codes
  • Management of a glass catalog for each laboratory
  • Specific data edition for glasses, solutions, lenses, frames, and miscellanous products
  • Statistical analysis (stock by product, by laboratory...)

Orders management

  • Management of orders to your laboratories
  • Access to your orders history
  • Orders can be created based on a sale

Customer follow-up

  • Edition of their personal data (name, address, age, ...)
  • Integration with Belgian electronic identity cards
  • Possibility to export these data for mailing
  • Management of their optometric data
  • Access to your customers sales history
  • Statistical analysis (customers repartition by age, by location, ...)

Ophtalmogs follow-up

  • Edition of their personal data (name, address, age, ...)
  • Quick access to the supplied optometric data
  • Statistical analysis (customers repartition by age, prescriptions provided, ...)

Administration and Support

  • Tools for data and software backups management
  • Automatic software update
  • Multi-hosts management, with remote connection through internet
  • Multi-users management
  • Support through mail, phone of e-mail

Go and check out these functionalities in pictures, or try it out right and download an evaluation version.

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